Rediscover Your Dog CRT Harness

Rediscover Your Dog CRT Harness

These harnesses are used strictly for CRT (canine resistance training) and are not for weight pulling.

Please measure with your dog's back legs in a show stack. 15 inches will be added to that measurement.

  • CRT Measuring

    Please use the video posted here to measure your CRT harness. Follow the exact instructions used for the weight pull harness in the video. After you give us your measurements, we will add 15 inches in length to accomodate for your CR training needs.

  • Return/Adjustment Policy

    Returns/adjustment requests are no longer accepted for customer measurement mistakes or customer design changes. If you have any questions about measuring necks for collars, please feel free to contact us. If you have a question about harness measuring, watch our tutorial at and contact us if you have further questions.